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Il Laboratorio Florio si trova a Napoli, uno dei centri della scienza farmaceutica italiana

A story that began in 1880

D-Stillate is the brand that brings together the pharmaceutical experience of the Florio family, pharmacists for 4 generations, whose activity began in 1880. The Florio Laboratory is located in Naples, one of the centers of Italian pharmaceutical science, and is among the few in Italy to develop drugs for rare diseases, such as ALS and for orphans drugs.

D-Stillate è il marchio che raccoglie l’esperienza farmaceutica della Famiglia Florio, la cui attività è iniziata nel 1880
Impiego di  solo acqua distillata per prodotti puri e microbiologicamente controllati

Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Laboratory

The passion for analysis and research into innovative formulas is the basis of the laboratory’s activity. Through innovation in the pharmaceutical field and a profound knowledge of cosmetic forms, Dr. Florio creates new and complex formulations that eliminate the use of ineffective substances and optimize that of active ingredients for better skin care. The choice to use only distilled water, for pure and microbiologically controlled products, and to create exclusively small productions, guarantees that each product achieves extreme effectiveness together with high artisanal quality.

Dr. Ettore B.Florio

Director of the galenic and cosmetological laboratory Farmacia Florio


Contract lecturer at the 2nd level Master’s degree in Galenics
at the Federico II University of Naples – Department of Pharmacy


Lecturer at the 2nd level Master’s degree in Galenics
at the University of Cosenza (UNICAL) – Department of Pharmacy


Vice president of the Italian Galenists Union
(UGI – ugiweb.it)


Member of the Coordination Table for the therapeutic use of Cannabis
Campania Region General Directorate for Health Protection and Coordination of the SSR


Since 2007 Collaboration with the Department of Neurology
 Federico II University – Naples, for the production of drugs for experimental studies


Member of the “Steering Committee” of the Degree Course in Nutraceutical Sciences
Federico II University – Department of Pharmacy


Member of the Coordination Table for galenic preparations in rare diseases


Winner of the 1st prize national Actavis competition “Innovation in Galenica”
University of Turin – Department of Pharmacy – 2007

Dr. Ettore B.Florio
Dr. Brunello Barone Florio

Dr. Brunello Barone Florio

Founder of D-Stillate brand


Quality Manager – Galenic and Cosmetological Laboratory of Farmacia Florio


Degree in chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, with specialization in master’s and officinal galenics
Federico II University of Naples


Specialized in laboratory analysis through UHPLC


BSLD Vaccination and First Aid Pharmacist

for 4 generations

Dr. Ettore Florio

Dr. Ettore Florio

(1880 – 1947)

Founder of the first Ettore Florio Pharmacy, created in Porta Capuana (Naples) in 1880, he was the family’s first preparatory pharmacist. The pharmacy was in fact a laboratory where the main activity was the preparation of medicines and remedies for all types of illnesses. In the Neapolitan environment of the time, Ettore Florio was close to figures such as Benedetto Croce, and an anecdote tells secret meetings were held to talk about politics and philosophy right in the pharmacy headquarters.

Dr. Ugo Florio

Dr. Ugo Florio

(1908 – 1991)

Ugo Florio, son of Ettore Florio, was a pharmacist, journalist, medical officer, president of the Neapolitan pharmacists’ union and national vice-president of the same union. He took over his father’s business at the beginning of the 20th century, with a great passion for galenics and the development of new formulas. Despite the advent of industrially produced drugs, his nature led him to add a character of innovation to his activity as a pharmacist- preparator. He moved the pharmacy to Piazza Leonardo, becoming one of the reference pharmacies on the thriving Vomero hill.

Dottori Patrizia ed Ettore B. Florio

Dottori Patrizia ed Ettore B. Florio

(Dal 1985)

Ettore and Patrizia Florio started the business alongside their father and continued to manage it after his passing.
Patrizia Florio is a vaccinator and first aid pharmacist for BSLD. Her main activity is the management of the pharmacy and development also in the technological field. Ettore B. Florio expands the galenic activity by also creating cosmetological formulas and further developing the activity of the laboratory, which also specializes in the creation of orphan drugs. The imprint of innovation and, at the same time, of artisan tradition in the composition of medicines and cosmetics remains the family trait. Dr Florio develops the first cosmetic line and becomes a contract professor in Galenica in the pharmacy department of the Federico II University.

Dr. Brunello Barone Florio

Dr. Brunello Barone Florio

(Dal 2017)

Graduated in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies, after an experience in the pharmaceutical multinational Pfizer, he decided to carry on the galenic and cosmetological activity, under the guidance of his uncle Dr Ettore B. Florio, founding the D-Stillate Pharmaceutical Cosmetics brand, that brings together the passion for pharmaceutical science and skin care, the knowledge of formulators for 4 generations and the family’s character of research and innovation.