Scientific approach

Each D-Stillate cosmetic product has been created through rigorous study and scientific method to ensure the use of the best active ingredients, results and skin safety day after day.

D-Stillate ha un Approccio scientifico

Fairness and respect for people

The D-Stillate brand is created by people who believe in respect for others, in equal rights and who offer a peaceful working environment in which to grow and interact while respecting diversity.

D-Stillate ha Equità e rispetto delle persone


From the foundation of the Farmacia Florio, from the 19th century to today, ethical behavior is the founding value of the laboratory. We believe in having ethical behavior: professional, responsible, transparent and correct at all times, towards those who work with us, our customers and our suppliers.

D-Stillate ha Etica

Respect for the Environment

Our responsibility towards the environment leads us to choose recyclable materials, reduce waste and choose only the ingredients actually necessary.

D-Stillate ha Rispetto per l'Ambiente

Respect for animals

D-Stillate products are not and will never be tested on animals, for which we have not only great respect but also great love.

D-Stillate ha Rispetto per gli animali