Galenic tradition

I prodotti cosmetici D-Stillate sono concepiti per migliorare l’aspetto della pelle

To formulate is to create

Cosmetic products are designed to improve the appearance of the skin, such as in the treatment of wrinkles or dry skin. To create an effective formulation, with visible effects, it is necessary to put together different ingredients and analyze their interaction over time, so that the formulation is stable, safe and produces the desired effects. The creation of a cosmetic formulation is, therefore, a complex and difficult job, which requires knowledge of all the elements. The specialists in cosmetic preparations are pharmacists, who with their experience create the best cosmetic formulas.

Crema intensiva per idratare e lenire le mani secche e screpolate
Napoli ha una lunga tradizione galenica Già con la nascita della Università Federico II, la più antica università pubblica al mondo

Naples and galenics

Naples has a long galenic tradition, that is, in the preparation of drugs and remedies produced directly in pharmacies, distinct from industrially produced medicinal specialties. Already with the birth of the Federico II University, the oldest public university in the world, Naples was a center of scientific thought through the study of alchemy, natural sciences and mathematics. Since then, ‘galenics’ has developed as a derivation of the study of the preparation of medicinal formulations, and will subsequently be called ‘pharmaceutical technique’. D-Stillate was born from this tradition.

Balance of ingredients, balance of skin

D-Stillate develops original and balanced formulas: in the creation phase only the ingredients and active principles actually necessary are chosen and without the addition of other substances, so that they can act in harmony on the skin. Each ingredient is used in high concentration to achieve greater effectiveness and maximum cosmetic results.

The tests and evaluation checks are conducted in collaboration with the Federico II University of Pharmacy and the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Medicine and Surgery of Naples.

I test e i controlli di valutazione sono condotti in collaborazione con l’Università di Farmacia Federico II e l’Università di Medicina e Chirurgia Luigi Vanvitelli di Napoli.