How to fight expression wrinkles?

D-Stillate: Come combattere le rughe di espressione

Expression wrinkles are signs or rather lines that form in different points of the face, both in men and women, even at a young age, around the age of 25, and which can become very deep over time.  They are wrinkles that depend on the contraction of the facial muscles, such as wrinkles on the […]

Hyaluronic acid, powerful anti-ageing for the skin

D-Stillate: L’acido ialuronico, potente anti età per la pelle

Hyaluronic Acid is the star ingredient of cosmetic products and, above all, it is a hydrophilic molecule that has great importance in our body and is present in our skin and joints. Its function is to maintain hydration, as it is able to absorb a considerable number of water molecules, and it has the ability […]